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Special Offers

The Chamber offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services to meet the needs of every business. The below discounts are for partners only. More offers for everyone are below.

Comcast Business Special Offers

Up tp 15% off high-speed internet and phone lines for $29.99 a month.

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DHL Special Offers

Up tp 40% off international shipping.

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Employers Group Special Offers

Free trial and 25% off human resources solutions.

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San Francisco Honda Special Offers

Discount fleet pricing.

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Office Depot Special Offers

Up to 30% off popular office products.

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This free card gets you 15%-80% off your prescriptions.

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More Offers

More exciting discounts and special offers are available from Chamber partners.

Special Offers

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Boxbee 20% your first month and volume discounts available for all your storage needs 12/31/2014
California Academy of Sciences 15% off tickets to the California Academy of Sciences 12/31/2014
Charitable RX Card Save 15% - 80% or more on prescription medications 12/31/2014
Christina Toy 15% off California Academy of Sciences Tickets Online 12/31/2016
Comcast Business High Speed Internet & Phone Line 12/31/2014
Edible Excursions (Culinary Walking Tours) 20% off your first Edible Excursions order 12/31/2014
MassMutual San Francisco 10% off Multi-Life Discount for Long-term Care 12/31/2014
TimeShift Studio, Inc. $200 off for a Business Profile Video for the Solopreneur Chamber Members (initial order) 12/21/2014
TimeShift Studio, Inc. $200 off for a Business Profile Video for the Small-Medium Size Business Chamber Members (initial order) 12/21/2014
TimeShift Studio, Inc. $300 off for a Business Profile Video for the Large Size Business Chamber Members (initial order) 12/21/2014
Wells Fargo Receive A $500 My Mortage Gift Card 12/31/2014
Alcatraz Excursions $250 off a private charter with Alcatraz Excursions! 12/31/2014
Annuvia 10% Off CPR or First Aid Course 12/12/2014
Copy Central 10% Off Color Print (off list price) 12/31/2014
HB+A Architects Complimentary Consultation and 30% off Architectural and Design Services 12/15/2014
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Bed & Breakfast for Two 12/31/2014
Intercontinental San Francisco 30% off Last Minute Appointments Monday through Wednesday! 12/31/2014
Pet Camp Free Pick Up & Delivery when 4 or more dogs are picked up from a single location. 12/31/2014
San Francisco Ballet 2015 Repertory Season 30% off for groups of 10 or more 5/10/2015
SNAPCARD #integrateSF - Receive a Free Bitcoin Payment Tablet! 11/30/2014


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